ECommerce Trends in Pakistan

With advancements in internet technology, ways of shopping products have also revised. Now people like to buy things online from the comfort of their home. With just a few clicks, you can buy the products you like and they get delivered at your doorstep. Online retail business has given business owners the ability to bring best deals , more product variety to a wide range of customers in different parts of the world.

Popular Online Shopping Categories

Most popular categories of online shopping in Pakistan include:

  • Electronics
  • Apparel
  • Automobile Parts
  • Furniture

Online shopping websites provide a platform for sellers to target vast range of audience as compared to a physical brick and mortar shops. As per latest research , trend of online shopping is increasing because of easier product access and affordable prices. Customer mindset is now diverting towards online buying as it eliminates the hectic practice of going from shop to shop to buy things. Now single commerce platform with all products listed on it allow customers to buy on just a few clicks. Furthermore, introduction of cash on deliver option has built greater trust in customers.

Emerging brands in Pakistan are focusing more on building online reputation. Same day, cash on delivery and physical demonstrations have increased online shopping trend tremendously.

Role of Social Media

Increasing awareness of social media has also played a major role in promoting eCommerce business in Pakistan. Social media websites allow business to create their business pages and gain customer recommendations and feedback to provide their reliability. Product discussions, polls and product ratings give good ideas to the customer while product making a product selection. Indeed, social media has reduced the distance between brands and customers and
contributed towards better customer relation.

The eCommerce market in Pakistan is getting saturated. hs emerged as a reliable eCommerce platform in this industry. Backed with major brands of Pakistan , is offering unique products in categories such as clothing, electronics, sports and gaming products. With services all over in Pakistan, claims to offer fast cash on delivery to its customers.

In summary eCommerce business is yet growing in Pakistan. Customers have started to trust online seller, yet a lot of advancements have to be done in this field. No doubt the success of eCommerce in Pakistan is good both at sellers and customer’s end.

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